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Challenge Update

May 17, 2011 – 19:05PM

I was teaching at a WPT Boot Camp and have been keeping fairly busy so I haven't had a lot of a chance to move forward on the SnG challenge, I did want to give a general update though. I started with $100 and was playing $5 super turbo 6 max tournaments. I ran that up to $150 pretty quickly and did something that many of us do (even myself obviously) that was a huge mistake. I moved up to the $10 tournaments before I had the requisite 20 buy ins i'd promised myself. I signed up for 8 of them and managed to cash in 0 (the super turbos are very high variance), so I promised myself not to break my buy in rules again and moved down to the $2 HU Super turbos and have since moved that back up to $110 and am playing the $4 HU Super Turbos.

I'm seriously considering switching to cash though for timing issues. I think there are value in the super turbos at the lower levels because people don't really understand push fold, but I think it goes down a lot as you go up in stakes and longer term with my kids and schedule i would prefer to play cash rather than SnGs. If I do switch or start to mix in cash I will adhere to a strict 25 buy in rule for NLHE tables. I haven't completely decided yet.

On another level, i often get asked about coaching. I haven't been accepting new students in a long time, but given the current poker landscape I've had some openings. If you're interested in coaching from me e-mail me at and we can discuss terms and make sure I'm a good fit for you.

If you want to join me for the challenge at the low stakes SnGs/cash games (you can always add me as a friend so you can easily find me, username 'EricLynch') feel free to download lock poker here:

Until June 1st you can get some pretty sweet rakeback/bonus deals through me too, e-mail me for details.


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